Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium

          Formerly known as Central Luzon Sanitarium,DJNRMHS was established in 1940, to accommodate patients suffering from Hansen's Disease in the entire Luzon region in the Philippines. It is currently situated within the district of Tala, in Caloocan City, Metro Manila, and occupies 130 hectares (320 acres) of land area, from the original 808 hectares (2,000 acres).

The reduction of land area was to accommodate previous homeless treated patients who eventually settled and established their own community, called Tala.

       In 1970, the hospital began treating general medical cases (non-Hansen disease patients) when there was a high success rate of treatment of the first Hansen patients from research and the advancement of procedures done within the current medical practice. Due to the significant drop of Hansen patients the hospital then considered admission of general cases.

       The hospital currently serves as the principal referral hospital for leprosy patients and the premier training and research center for leprosy care and management in the Philippines. It also serves the public health needs of community members of Tala and nearby areas.

       On November 05, 2018, the Department of Health granted the Level 3 License to Operate to former Dr. Jose N. Rodiguez Memorial Hospital and now Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium (DJNRMHS).