Sec. 93. Transparency Seal.

                                                 To enhance transparency and enforce accountability, all national government agencies shall maintain a transparency seal on their officTransparency Sealial websites. The transparency seal shall contain the following information: (i) the agency’s mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information;(ii) annual reports, as required under National Budget Circular Nos. 507 and 507-A dated January 31, 2007 and June 12, 2007, respectively, for the last three (3) years; (iii) their respective approved budgets and corresponding targets immediately upon approval of this Act; (iv) major programs and projects categorized in accordance with the five key results areas under E.O. No. 43, s. 2011; (v) the program/projects beneficiaries as identified in the applicable special provisions;

(vi) status of implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports; and (vii) annual procurement plan, contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultants. The respective heads of the agencies shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this section.


I.   Agency’s Mandate and Functions; names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information;

II.  DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets.

III.  Modifications made pursuant to the general and special provisions

IV.  Annual Procurement Plan

V.  Major Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries and Status of Implementation.

VI.  Annual Financial Reports


2014 – 2022 FAR No. 1:  SAAOBDB (Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances)

2014 – 2022 BAR No. 1:  Annual Physical Report of Operations/Physical Plan


2014 – 2021                    :  Annual Report

VII.  Annual Reports on the Status of Income authorized by Law to be deposited outside the National Treasury

VIII.  QMS Certification of at least one core process by an International Certifying Body (ICB)

IX.  System of Ranking Delivery Units for PBB

X.  The Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disclosures

XI.  The Final People’s Freedom to Information (FOI) Manual Signed by Head of Agency; Agency Information Inventory; FOI Summary Report and FOI Registry